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In the Dougherty County School System, every effort is made to keep parents and the community informed. Here are a few guidelines to help you get your questions answered:
  • If you have a question about your child's education, please start with your child's teacher.
  • If, after speaking with the teacher, you feel you need additional information, the school principal will be glad to help you.
  • For questions about programs or concerns on a district-wide level, there are qualified individuals trained to assist you.

For general questions relating to the Dougherty County School System, please contact the Public Information Office at 431-1264 or email the System Webmaster at webmaster@docoschools.org.  A complete listing of schools and offices follows.

High Schools

Albany High School 801 Residence Ave. 431-3300
Dougherty Comprehensive High School 1800 Pearce Ave. 431-3310
Monroe Comprehensive High School 900 Lippitt Dr. 431-3316
Westover Comprehensive High School 2600 Partridge Lane 431-3320

Middle Schools

Albany Middle School 1700 Cordell Ave. 431-3325
Merry Acres Middle School 1601 Florence Dr. 431-3338
Radium Springs Middle Magnet School of the Arts 2600 Radium Springs Rd. 431-3346
Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School 324 Lockett Station Rd. 431-3362
Southside Middle School 1615 Newton Rd. 431-3351

Elementary Schools

Alice Coachman Elementary School 1425 Oakridge Dr. 431-3488
International Studies Elementary Charter School 2237 Cutts Dr. 431-3384
Jackson Heights Elementary School 1305 E. 2nd Ave. 431-3367
Lake Park Elementary School 605 Meadowlark Dr. 431-3370
Lamar Reese Magnet School of the Arts 1215 Lily Pond Rd. 431-3495
Lincoln Elementary Magnet School 518 W. Society Ave. 431-3373
Live Oak Elementary School 4529 Gillionville Rd. 431-1209
Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School 3125 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. 438-3502
Morningside Elementary School 120 Sunset Lane 431-3387
Northside Elementary School 901 14th Ave. 431-3390
Radium Springs Elementary School 2400 Roxanna Rd. 431-3395
Sherwood Acres Elementary School 2201 Doncaster Way 431-3397
Turner Elementary School 2001 Leonard Ave. 431-3406
West Town Elementary School 1113 University St. 431-3409

Other Learning Centers

Albany Early College   483-6367
College and Career Learning Performance Center 900 Lippitt Drive, Bldg. B 483-6321
Gifted Education L.I.F.E. Lab 911 S. McKinley St. 431-1291
Oak Tree Psychoeducational Center 1520 Cordell Rd. 431-1323 (Elementary)
431-1207 (Middle School)
431-3306 (High School)
Pre-K Program 1520 Cordell Rd. 431-1290
South Georgia Regional Achievement Center 1001 Highland Ave. 431-1218

Administrative Offices & Departments

Accounts Payable 200 Pine Ave. 431-1238
Art Department 300 Cason St. 431-1295
Assistant Superintendent 200 Pine Ave. 431-1282
Athletics (Hugh Mills Stadium) 601 N. Van Buren 431-3308
Benefits Office 200 Pine Ave. 431-1260
Business Services 200 Pine Ave. 431-1234
Career, Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE) 300 Cason St. 431-1324
Child Nutrition Services 200 Pine Ave. 431-1818
Curriculum & Instruction Department 200 Pine Ave. 431-1315
Exceptional Students Program 722 Corn Ave. 431-1313
Extended Day Program 722 Corn Ave. 431-1280
Even Start   888-2414
Facilities Maintenance & Capital Projects 1711 Schilling Ave. 431-1301
Federal Programs 200 Pine Ave. 431-3415
Finance/Accounting Office 200 Pine Ave. 431-1813
Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) 915 S. McKinley St. 431-1230
Gifted Education Program 722 Corn Ave. 431-1291
I Care/Partners in Excellence 300 Cason St. 431-3427
Management Information Systems 200 Pine Ave. 431-1245
Media Services 300 Cason St. 431-1288
Music Department 300 Cason St. 431-1295
Partners in Excellence/I Care 300 Cason St. 431-3427
Payroll Office 200 Pine Ave. 431-1256
Personnel Office 200 Pine Ave. 431-1261
Police Department 601 Flint Ave. 431-1812
Psychological Services 722 Corn Ave. 431-3455
Public Information Office 200 Pine Ave. 431-1264
Purchasing Department 601 Flint Ave. 431-1270
Safe and Drug Free Schools 300 Cason St. 431-3437
Safety Services 1730 Rodgers St. 431-1265
Social Workers 722 Corn Ave. 431-1297
Student Records 300 Cason St. 431-1287
Superintendent's Office 200 Pine Ave. 431-1285
Supply Services 601 Flint Ave. 431-1272
Teacher Academy 300 Cason St. 431-3334
Technology Department 300 Cason St. 431-3439
Testing & Evaluation Office 300 Cason St. 431-3457
Textbook Services 601 Flint Ave. 431-1271
Title I 200 Pine Ave. 431-3415
Transportation Services 1730 Rodgers Ave. 431-1265
Volunteers 300 Cason St. 431-3427

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