Message from the Principal

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school term!

As we eagerly await the start of this school year, we do so with much anticipation and excitement. While our senior class will enter this year with the eagerness of experiencing graduation and moving into college and/or careers, our ninth graders will experience the transition of moving into high school from various middle schools. Regardless of where you find yourself teaching and serving, we must have in mind the productive services we give to each child and family.
Each day we will ask you to adapt and implement our staff focus for this year; being present, prompt, prepared, productive, and professional. Also, challenge our students to meet this expectation! We know this year will bring with it challenges, some new and some old. Nothing great was ever accomplished without a great struggle/trial/difficulty, and school improvement is no different. Overcoming these challenges with an unmatched professional demeanor will be paramount for us.
Monroe High School is categorized by the Georgia Department of Education as a Priority School. This designation comes as a result of our school's graduation rate (2012 Cohort Rate: 45.6%) and low student achievement.
The work of school improvement must ignite in this new year with a commitment to work harder than you've ever worked. Our rejuvenated commitment must be joined by the collective commitment of all staff in our school. Intentions are good and will play a role, but intentions without results will be futile. Every department will have to determine its effectiveness based on results. This focus on results will require us to instruct, differentiate, assess, monitor, remediate, mediate, challenge, guide, counsel, and direct students more efficiently than we have ever done before.
This difficult work of school improvement will require tough decisions to be made. It will require longer hours, a commitment to using data, and a commitment to work together collegially. Our hope is that we can all "hold hands", come together as a faculty/staff and make it through this difficult school improvement journey together. I promise to give you the best I have, and will ask in return that you do the same.

Vinson R. Davis Principal

Monroe Comprehensive High School
900 Lippitt Drive, Albany, GA 31701
229-431-3316, 229-431-3380 (fax)