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School Transportation

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Bus transportation is provided for students who live 1.5 miles or further from their assigned schools. The school system operates one of the state's largest bus fleets, consisting of 153 buses transporting 13,500 students to and from school, approximately 1 million miles per year.  Bus drivers must hold commercial drivers' licenses and pass pre-employment and random drug tests. Buses are inspected each year before school starts by the Georgia State Patrol. The safety of our students is our priority in the Dougherty County School System. Citizens are encouraged to notify the Transportation Department with any concern about school bus transportation. Students and parents new to the system should call the Transportation Department (431-1265) for their bus schedule.

Riding a bus is considered a privilege and not a right. Students who wish to enjoy this privilege must follow certain rules and regulations in order to help ensure safe and orderly bus transportation. Discipline will be strictly enforced. To ensure bus safety and to help control behavior problems, the Dougherty County Schools Transportation Department uses monitoring video cameras and recorders.

2014-2015 Safety First Policies and Procedures

---- Student Transportation Requests ----

 Parents/guardians are required to request transportation for their child for the school term. This is an annual requirement. Requests for bus transportation will be honored only if the student is eligible for transportation as determined by criteria established by the Georgia DOE and the DCSS. Your child will be assigned a bus to ride to and from school. Service will be provided from only one pickup and drop-off location that you designate. Business deliveries will not be honored. Please complete a Student Transportation Request Form for each child. If there are changes after you have submitted your form, you must resubmit another form immediately to ensure that your child is assigned to the correct bus.

Click here to download the Student Transportation Request Form


Understanding the DCSS Bus Transportation Zones

The bell schedule for all Dougherty County School System schools:

Large school systems like the DCSS run more efficiently by staggering school start times so buses can run shift routes and provide a neighborhood-oriented pickup and drop-off schedule.  The staggered start times allow for maximum instructional time for all students by ensuring on-time arrival, reducing the ride time for children, improving discipline, assuring students have time for breakfast after arriving at school, allowing transportation by grade levels (i.e., elementary students ride with other elementary students), and improving transportation efficiency.

Bus transportation is managed through four transportation zones aligned to high schools. A district manager, whose office is located in the high school, manages all transportation concerns for that zone. The list below identifies transportation zones for each school.


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