What Does It Cost to Eat at School?

  • The Dougherty County School System is pleased to announce the district continues to participate district wide in the program that is intended to encourage students to enjoy wholesome, nutritious meals at school while eliminating paperwork for parents. The program, called the Community Eligibility Provision, or CEP, is funded by the US Department of Agriculture as a means of ensuring students get the food they need to do their best at school. Studies show that when students are hungry, they are often distracted in the classroom, they are absent from school more often and score lower on standardized tests. This federally-funded program allows all students attending Dougherty County Schools to receive breakfast and lunch at school at no cost to the student or their household, and no school meal application is required. As a result, students will be more well-nourished and prepared to learn and parents will have one less form to complete.

Kids eating lunch