Understanding the DCSS Bus Transportation Zones

The bell schedule for all Dougherty County School System schools:
  • Large school systems like the DCSS run more efficiently by staggering school start times so buses can run shift routes and provide a neighborhood-oriented pickup and drop-off schedule.  The staggered start times allow for maximum instructional time for all students by ensuring on-time arrival, reducing the ride time for children, improving discipline, assuring students have time for breakfast after arriving at school, allowing transportation by grade levels (i.e., elementary students ride with other elementary students), and improving transportation efficiency.

    Bus transportation is managed through two transportation zones based on the county's geography. Two managers oversee all transportation concerns for their respective zone. The list below identifies transportation zones for each school.


    Western Zone

    Mary Napier, West Supervisor

    Alice Coachman Elementary School
    Lake Park Elementary School
    Lincoln Elementary Magnet
    Live Oak Elementary School
    Merry Acres Middle School
    Northside Elementary
    Oak Tree
    Robert Cross Middle Magnet School
    Sherwood Acres Elementary
    South Georgia Regional Achievement Center
    Westover Comprehensive High School
    West Town Elementary School

    Eastern Zone

    James Cowart, East Supervisor

    Albany Middle School
    ASU Early College Campus
    Dougherty Comprehensive High
    International Studies Charter
    Robert A. Harvey Elementary
    Lamar Reese Middle Magnet School of the Arts
    Martin Luther King Jr., Elementary School
    Monroe Comprehensive High School
    Morningside Elementary School
    Radium Springs Elementary
    Radium Springs Middle Magnet
    Turner Elementary School

    For more information, contact the DCSS Transportation Department at (229) 431-1265.