DCSS Budget

  • The Budget Process

    Each year, the DCSS staff meticulously pours through hundreds of budget requests seeking to provide the tools necessary for students with the Dougherty County School System to succeed, while maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayers of Dougherty County. This process continues year-round but hits its peak near the end of the school year when the tentative budget is presented to the Dougherty County Board of Education for comment and approval. The budget goes into effect on July 1 each year.

    Each year, the superintendent presents a proposed budget to the Dougherty County Board of Education. Once the proposed budget is approved, a series of public hearings are set to allow for public comment. Once the hearings are complete, the BOE takes a final vote on the budget.

    Georgia law also requires the district to post a Five-Year History of Levy if the board intends to adjust the millage rate. For FY2018, the board intends to rollback the millage rate. You can find the Five-Year History Notice as well as the Operating Budget and Budget Highlights below.

    The Dougherty County Board of Education will adopt the millage rate at its July 18, 2017 board meeting.