Exceptional Students Program

  • The Exceptional Students Program supports the mission of the Dougherty County School System by creating a stimulating climate in which all students will pursue excellence, take responsibility for their lives, and contribute positively to their families, schools, society, environment, and the global community. We hope this web page will increase awareness of the department and communicate useful information, provide resources to teachers, parents, students and the entire community.

    Department Vision and Mission

    • Department Mission

      The mission of the Dougherty County School System Exceptional Students program is to identify students who meet the federal and state criteria with a disability requiring special education and to provide services that empower them to become active members of society based on their individual strengths and abilities. We are committed to providing a caring community of dedicated staff and involved parents who meet the diverse academic, emotional, and social needs of all of our students in a respectful and positive environment.
    • Vision

      Our vision is to provide positive learning experiences that facilitate success for students in special education through high-quality instruction as well as collaboration with parents, students, schools, and the community. Students will focus on their positive attributes and recognize their individual strengths and achievements to promote their future success.

    Our offices are located in the Albany High Complex at 801 W Residence Avenue,  Suite 217.

    For additional information, you may call our offices at 229-431-1313.

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Exceptional Students Program Staff

  • Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program 
    Dear Parents, 
    As the parent of a student who receives special education services and/or accommodations under Section 504, there are available options to exercise public and private school choice. Under a state law passed by the Georgia State Legislature in 2007 and updated in 2021, a new qualification provision to the program now allows students who had a 504 plan, under certain conditions, to qualify to receive a scholarship award through this state program beginning with the 2021-2022 school year.  For more information about the Georgia Special NeedsProgram and the parent application process, please visit the Georgia Department of Education website at: https://www.gadoe.org/External-Affairs-and-Policy/Policy/Pages/Special-Needs-Scholarship-Program.aspx 

    Offices are located at: 

    Albany High Complex
    Suite 217
    801 W. Residence Ave.,
    Albany, Ga. 31705