Inclement Weather/Emergency School Closing Plan/Athletic Event Postponement Procedure

  • 1. If there is the possibility of inclement weather, the following should be done before the identified day:

    • The Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, or Public Information Director will notify the DCSS Police chief, Assistant Chief, Facilities Directors, Transportation Director and District Managers.
    • All individuals will receive an update by 5:00 p.m.
    • Confirmation to begin preparations or to standby will be given by 8:00 p.m.

    2. As early as 3:00 a.m., members of the Dougherty County Facilities and Transportation Departments assess road conditions and determine power usage conditions of buildings. A report is made to the Superintendent no later than 5:00 a.m. Facilities Directors, Transportation Director and District Managers report to Superintendent.

    3. Members of the Transportation staff ensure that buses are operable in extreme cold weather and report to the Superintendent. Transportation Director reports to Superintendent.

    4. The Public Information Director has direct contact with the Director of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, and reports to the Superintendent. Public Information Director reports to Superintendent.

    5. The Director of Transportation makes contact with the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Georgia State Patrol. Transportation Director reports to Superintendent.

    6. A final decision is made prior to 5:00 a.m. Radio and television stations are notified by the Public Information Director. In the event the Public Information Director is unavailable, the Public Information Assistant and Webmaster have the responsibility. The following media will be contacted:

    • WALB-TV
    • WJAD
    • WJIZ
    • WALG
    • WFXL-TV
    • WEGC
    • WOBB
    • WGPC
    • WKAK
    • WZBN
    • WJYZ
    • WQVE

    7. The Dougherty County School System web site, will carry a message about school closings.

    8. The Calendar Committee will build into the calendar for the upcoming year a minimum of 3 make-up days that can be substituted in the event of inclement weather/emergency situations.

    9. A letter will be sent home to parents by the students as a reminder about emergency closing or dismissal. Important points covered will include the following: final decision time, media contacts, inclement weather days built into the calendar, and early dismissal procedures.

    Inclement Weather/Emergency and Early Dismissal

    1. In the event that early dismissal is necessary, all schools will be notified simultaneously through the use of the equipment purchased during the summer 2005. Each school/facility is equipped with a base station that should be manned throughout the entire school day. A list of the assigned staff members for each facility is located in the offices of the superintendent and deputy superintendent.

    2. If the early dismissal plan is implemented, the Public Information Office will notify the media of the plans. In the event that students have to be bused to alternate sites, the media will be notified and given those sites. Parents will pick up students from those sites.

    3. It may be necessary to hold buses at a site/at all sites until the severe weather/emergency condition no longer exists. Notification to sites will be made by utilizing the base stations.

    4. Each school is subscribed to the Dougherty Emergency Management CODE RED early warning system. Should a school receive an emergency warning by telephone regarding their particular geographic location, safe arrangements for students and staff should be attended to first followed by notification of the central office.

    5. Each school/site should reference the school/site safety plan for additional information.

    Athletic Event Postponement Procedure

    The following procedure will be used if necessary to postpone athletic events due to human, mechanical, or natural causes prior to the arrival of officials.

    1. The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) office will be notified (if applicable).

    2. The Dougherty County School System Athletic Department will consult with the Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent about possible postponement of athletic events as early as possible after consulting with the Athletic Director and/or head coach at the respective school.

    3. If time permits, the recommendation to postpone an event will be made by the AD/head coach to the DCSS Athletic Director and then to the Superintendent.

    4. The final decision to postpone the athletic event will be made in consultation with the Superintendent.

    5. The DCSS Athletic Department/host school will notify opposing teams and officials as early as possible as to the reason the event is being postponed.

    6. The DCSS athletic Department/host school will notify DCSS central office staff, security, transportation, media, workers and others affected by the decision that the event is postponed.

    7. The host school and the opposing team will determine the availability of venues (if applicable) and agree on a rescheduled contest date and notify the DCSS Athletic Department.