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    Windows 8

    Windows 8 Cheat Sheet:

    The tablets deployed in the Dougherty County School System use the Windows 8 Operating System. To learn more about Windows 8 and how to effectively use it to download educational apps, access websites and more, click the link here.

    Dell Venue Pro 11:
    The core of the DCSS 1:1 initiative, the Dell Venue Pro 11 will be given to students beginning in February 2015. Learn about the device and how it can be used
    to change the learning environment, here.

    Scope and Sequence:
    By clicking the link, teachers gain access to myriad materials available to aid in instruction. From the very basic tenets of how to be safe online and how to choose reputable, educational sites to gather data to how to cope with and handle cyberbullying, this site is a great resource for teachers.
    Click here to access the site.

    Web 2.o Resources:
    Here you'll find a plethora of resources. From apps to help with presentations to places to access more cloud storage, click here.

    DCSS Resource SAMR Wheel and table
    Here, teachers will find valuable resources to help with classroom learning and student knowledge-building and workflow.

Last Modified on January 8, 2020