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    Benefits of Partnerships
    Schools and communities form partnerships to serve a shared goal of helping students. Effective partnerships achieve that goal by creating programs that expand a school’s presence in the community and giving students greater access to resources inside and outside of the classroom. Effective partnerships are beneficial to the community, partners and schools in a number of ways.


    Community Benefits

    • Improved economic environment, increased ability to draw new businesses, and stimulated economic growth
    • Lower dropout rates, lower crime rates, lower unemployment
    • Provides for a more attractive county and community where businesses, organizations, faith-based organizations join in a united effort to improve the quality of the public educational institutions within the community.


    Partner Benefits

    • Enhanced community image
    • Better prepared workforce
    • Improved employee morale and training
    • Increased customer and employee recruitment
      A sense of pride through engagement in the community


    School Benefits

    • Provides teachers with ideas for innovative approaches to learning
    • Provides added human and financial resources to schools
    • Reinforces schools’ message that education is important for life
    • Improves employee morale because employees know that the community values what they do
    • Improves attendance rates
    • Improves Behavior
    • Improves Graduation rates