• Reported Referrals

    Nominations for screening are usually made by classroom teachers, guidance counselors, or parents. However, any person who has knowledge of a student's outstanding gifts or talents may submit a nomination. Peers or the student himself or herself may also submit a nomination. The Referral Form located above should be completed and sent to the Gifted Education Office. Once a nomination is received in the Gifted Education Office, the parent or guardian will receive a form requesting permission for the screening process. Students who score at the 77th percentile or higher on the screening test will proceed to the formal evaluation process.

    Students can be nominated for screening consideration any time during the school year; however, the main screening and testing period is in the spring. Students are eligible for evaluation once per school year for entry into the program. The screening and testing process also takes place each fall for kindergarten students.

    Automatic Referrals

    Each year personnel from the gifted program review the test scores of students from system-wide CRCT testing for grades three though eight. Parents of a student who achieves the top 10th percentile from district norms on the math CRCT score or reading CRCT score are notified that their child is eligible for the screening process. Once parental approval has been given in writing, students will be administered a mental ability screening test.