Program Descriptions

  • Elementary Program (L.I.F.E. Lab)

    Gifted students in kindergarten through fifth grade participate in a resource program known as L.I.F.E. (Learning in a Flexible Environment) Lab. The faculty at the L.I.F.E. Lab Center includes five gifted endorsed teachers. Students come to the Center for one day each week and are transported back to their regular school at the end of the day. Students experience a variety of topics within thematic units in a student-centered environment. The gifted goals and benchmarks include opportunities to develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, research, communication, and teamwork. To continue in the gifted program each year, students must maintain satisfactory performance in the regular education program as well as at L.I.F.E. Lab.

    Activities throughout the school year include many of the following:

    • Higher level thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
    • Product alternatives
    • Technology skills
    • Research and reference skills
    • Independent study skills
    • Communication skills
    • Creative thinking which includes developing and practicing the use of fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration
    • Scientific process skills
    • Field trips and community resources to support curricular objectives

    Teachers for the program are: Tammy Gregors, Danielle McInvale, Shampree Morris, Allison Orme, and Eve Schroeder. To e-mail one of the teachers, click on the teacher's name.

    Middle School Program

    All gifted students in grades six, seven, and eight attend the EXCEL Program at Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School where they receive gifted instruction in all academic subject areas each day. Gifted middle school students who are zoned for other Dougherty County middle schools are transported to Robert Cross where they participate in all aspects of the school for the entire day.

    The EXCEL staff of gifted-endorsed teachers provides differentiated instruction that focuses on the core content areas. Georgia Performance Standards are addressed with appropriate accommodations to meet the pacing and advanced needs of the gifted learners. Emphasis is also placed on research and production of quality products. Opportunities are given to develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, innovative thinking, meta-cognitive skills, communication, and teamwork. Students have opportunities to participate in workshops and field trips that actively involve them in higher level, creative thinking skills.

    Teachers serving gifted students include: Edey Abbott, Sajida Batool, Dr. Jennifer Clark, Mandy Dozier, Rhonda Harden, Natasha Holmes, Deandrea Jones, Mandy MeansRobert Rusconi, Holly Strickland, Joseph Walker, and Nadirah Young.

    High School Program

    Gifted high school students in grades nine through twelve may attend the Albany High School High Honors program or they may be served through one or more delivery models in their zoned high school. Students are served through the advanced content model with gifted endorsed teachers and Advanced Placement courses are available for qualified students. Additionally, regular education teachers collaborate with a gifted specialist to provide higher-level tasks/projects for gifted students. Gifted/advanced level classes include opportunities for developing advanced skills in research, written and oral communication, critical thinking and evaluation, independent study, and production of sophisticated products.