Senior Internship Program

  • Gifted seniors who meet the qualifications have the opportunity to participate in the career internship program at a local business, agency, or organization. Students earn a grade and high school elective credit toward graduation. This gives the student a valuable look into a career field so that he or she will have first-hand experience and knowledge about that career. This inside look into a career field puts the student in contact with professionals who can share helpful insights about the specific career. The program began in 1994 and students have completed internships in pre-medicine, physical therapy, engineering, architecture, law, business, computer science, education, journalism, broadcasting, veterinary science and other career fields.

    To qualify for the Internship Program, gifted students must have a minimum academic grade point average of 3.5, have earned 21 units of credit by the end of their junior year, and have recommendations from three teachers. Students can intern for one or two semesters and earn elective credit. Students must be able to supply their own transportation. For further information call Trina Robinson, Supervisor of Gifted Education, or e-mail her at