Substitute Teacher Requirements

  • Substitute teachers are a vital part of the Dougherty County School System. They play an integral part in any school's classroom management.

    It's important that those interested in serving as a substitute adhere to both local and state requirements in order to be considered for a position within the DCSS.

    Anyone interested in becoming a DCSS Substitute Teacher must provide the following to HR:

    1. On-line Application (The application must be completed for new subs coming into the district AND for returning subs.)
      Click here to start your application (You must have an email address for confirmation that your application was received. Applications must be complete or they will not be accepted.)
    2. An Official Transcript (Sealed) or an E-Script sent to (Applicants must have at least 45 college credit hours).
    3. Proof of SWRESA Sub Training (if you haven't attended in the last five years) – cost $25 – for dates, please call 229-207-0600, at SWRESA. (NOTE: Retired teachers who are still certified do not have to attend this training. If a teacher is no longer certified, you must attend the training.)
    4. Fingerprinting: New applicants or former subs who have not been fingerprinted in the last three years MUST be fingerprinted. The fee is $52.90 and must be paid by Cashier's Check or Money Order. Pick up form from DCSS HR Department.
    5. Returning Subs who do not require fingerprinting (See item 4) are required to have a background check ANNUALLY.

    NOTE: The Dougherty County School System isn't currently accepting applications for substitute teachers. Thank you for your interest.