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Transportation Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Transportation Department is committed to continuous improvement in the services we provide. It is important to us that you experience excellent customer service while we work to meet your needs. We value your comments and suggestions and would appreciate your taking a few moments to let us know how you feel we are doing.

I am a Dougherty County School System:
If you are a parent, please select all of the following options that apply to your child(ren). If you are not a parent, please skip this question. My child(ren) use the following transportation route service(s) (check all that apply):
When the bus arrives at the bus stop is it:
When the bus arrives at the school is it
Please rate the following
N/A or Don't know
Cleanliness and maintenance of the bus
Consistently having a bus that isn't crowded
Courtesy and professionalism of the driver
Professionalism of the driver in handing disciplinary matters on the bus
I feel my child/student is safe on the bus:
Please choose one response for each of the following statements regarding the Transportation main office.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Obtaining service from Transportation is easy and accessible
Telephone calls to Transportation Services are answered promptly
Telephone calls to Transportation Services are answered courteously
Telephone calls to Transportation Services are returned promptly
My concerns and needs are adequately addressed by Transportation Services
I would rate the overall effectiveness of Transportation Services as:
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