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IT Customer Satisfaction Survey

The IT Department is committed to continuous improvement in the services we provide. It is important to us that you experience excellent customer service while we workto meet your needs. We value your comments and suggestions and would appreciate your taking a few moments to let us know how you feel we are doing.

I know who to contact when I have a technology question or problem.
The employee who helped me was courteous and professional.
The employee who helped me appeared knowledgeable and competent.
Services were provided promptly and completed on time.
The services provided did not take care of the problem and the technician did not return.
How would you rate the communication and follow-up of the department?
How would you rate the e-mail service?
How would you rate the filtering service for e-mail?
How would you rate the anti-virus protection service for computers?
Obtaining service from the Help Desk is easy and accessible.
The Help Desk technician who answered my call was very courteous.
The Help Desk technician handled my call quickly.
My problem was resolved with one phone call or e-mail.
My phone call was quickly transferred to the person who could best provide assistance.
Overall, I am satisfied with the quality and reliability of services provided by the IT Department.