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Board adopts revised calendar for rest of school year

The Dougherty County Board of Education has approved a revised calendar for the remainder of the school year to allow students to make up missed instructional time due to the storms in January.

The board voted to adopt a proposal from staff that recommended adjusting the current school calendar by making two early dismissal days full school days and by extending the school year for everyone but seniors until May 26. Spring Break will continue as planned.

“The Dougherty County School System takes the education of its children as a matter of utmost priority. The recent devastating storms have resulted in the loss of significant instructional days as families grapple with their aftermath in attempts to get their lives back to some degree of normalcy,” Dr. Ufot Inyang, Associate Superintendent for Academic Services said. “While we cannot and have not lost sight of the impact of these storms on our community, our families and the children and adults that we serve, we also are mindful of the need to maintain academic and instructional integrity.”

The vote allows students within the system to regain six instructional days from the 12 lost due to storm damage and power outages related to two separate storm systems that moved through the area in January.

The recommendations were developed by a committee of DCSS staff and principals and were presented to Superintendent Dr. David Mosely for board consideration.

“This revised calendar is thoughtfully put together to ensure that our children are adequately prepared for the GA Milestones later in the school year, as well as adequately prepared to function successfully in the next grade come next school year.”


School Calendar for Rest of School Year


Current Calendar:

  1. School Year Ends May 19th for Students
  2. High School Graduation – May 20th
  3. Spring Break – March 27th – March 31st
  4. Testing Window for GA Milestones EOG – April 11th – 21st
  5. Testing Window for GA Milestones EOC – April 24th – April 28th
  6. Retest Window for EOG – May 15th – 19th
  7. Would have allowed for 59 Days from resumption of school on January 5th before the administration of the GA Milestones/EOG


Tentative Calendar Now:

  1. School Year Ends May 26th for Students
  2. Recovers 6 School Days out of 12 School Days Lost
  3. This is How:
  4. February 16th & 17th – Full School Days – Early Dismissals Cancelled
  5. Extends School Year to May 26th for All Students Except Seniors
  6. Keeps High School Graduation on May 20th
  7. Keeps Spring Break As Is: March 27th – March 31st
  8. Testing Window for GA Milestones EOG – April 24th – April 28th
  9. Retest Window for GA Milestones EOG – May 22nd – 24th
  10. Testing Window for GA Milestones EOC – Seniors – April 24th – 28th (Contingent Upon DOE Granting Request)
  11. Testing Window for GA Milestones EOC – Everyone Else – May 1st – 5th (Contingent Upon DOE Granting Request
  12. Would allow for 58 Days now before administration of the GA Milestones All Things Equal


Appeals Made to DOE for Considerations/Concessions/Concessions Already Granted

  • Attendance Indicator for CCRPI will be waived
  • Early Testing of Seniors ahead of others by a week on EOCs to allow for timely return of results to make Graduation Determinations under Consideration



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