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DoCo Schools Get Creative to Experience Solar Eclipse

Schools across the Dougherty County School System got creative when it came to experiencing a rare near-total solar eclipse on Monday. 
Most of the schools in Dougherty County took full advantage of the event, providing students a rare opportunity to see science and nature in action. 
At Robert Cross Middle Magnet School, students went from learning how solar eclipses happen using tennis balls in Mr. Thomas' science class to seeing it first hand as the moon blotted out about 90 percent of the sun. 
To help staff and students enjoy the eclipse safely, the district ordered ISO-rated solar shades for everyone in the district. 
At Lamar Reese Elementary Magnet School of the Arts, Principal Dr. Angela Shumate said that staff had worked with younger students to ensure that their solar glasses remained on so that they didn't risk eye injury while watching the eclipse.  
"We really wanted to make it so that our younger babies could enjoy the eclipse without hurting their eyes by taking those glasses off," Shumate said. 
At Radium Springs Elementary, students went outside and sat on blankets to watch the eclipse move through the area. 
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