• Exemplary graphic Named a 2022 Exemplary Board of Education by the Georgia School Boards Association


  • The Dougherty County Board of Education is the governing body for the school system. Board members are elected for four-year terms. Six district members are chosen from geographic districts that coincide with the districts for Dougherty County Commission members. The seventh Board member is elected "at-large" from the entire county. Members elect their chairman and vice-chairman who serve two-year terms.

    Board Meetings

    Regular monthly meetings are scheduled the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the School Administration Building located at 200 Pine Avenue. Board Work Sessions and briefings are scheduled for 11:30 a.m. at the School Administration Building on the last Thursday in the month.

    Public Attendance

    The public is encouraged to attend Board meetings. Sessions are open to the public, with the exceptions specifically allowed by law (personnel matters, real estate matters and legal matters). Citizens who wish to address the Board should submit a statement in writing to the Superintendent five days before the date of the meeting. The statement should include the topic and the name of the spokesperson to be placed on the Board's agenda. A spokesperson must be named if a delegation wishes to address the Board. Citizens are limited to ten minutes. To speak at a Board meeting without prior approval, a citizen must sign in at the beginning of the Board meeting. The topic must be an item on the agenda and the time is limited to five minutes.

    2022-2023 Board Members

    • Melissa Strother (Chair)
    • Velvet Edwards Poole (Vice Chair)
    • Geraldine West Hudley
    • Norma Gaines-Heath
    • Robert Youngblood 
    • Rev. James Bush
    • Dr. Dean Phinazee 

    Vision, Belief and Mission Statements

    • Vision: Building a Better Community, One Student at a Time!
    • Core Belief: The Dougherty County School System is committed to providing the best quality educational opportunities for all children.
    • Mission Statement: The mission of the Dougherty County School System is to provide a safe, supportive, nurturing and cultivating environment where students can learn and achieve academically beyond all expectations. The mission further embraces the goal of assuring that every student views learning as a lifelong opportunity which will prepare them educationally for a global society.