Academic Services

  • The Division of Academic Services serves a vital role in the Dougherty County School System, working to ensure quality teaching and improved student learning leading to graduation and productive citizenship. The Academic Services staff directs the implementation of Georgia's adopted curriculum. The curriculum standards not only set a standard for instruction, but also require that students can apply their knowledge in real world situations. Each coordinator works to support teachers as they use research-based instructional strategies and monitor student progress through both formative and summative assessments. This division works with Georgia Department of Education officials to craft standards-based curriculum models for teachers; to create innovative, new approaches to education; to monitor student progress and development; to administer all of the district and state testing; and guide teachers and administrators towards system-wide improvement.

    To that end, the Academic Services Division has developed a System Strategic Plan in collaboration with the Division of District Effectiveness, the Superintendent's Office, and other stakeholders to provide clear, obtainable, measurable goals for schools and the system to reach on a yearly basis. This Plan compiles data from the Governor's Office of Student Achievement, the Georgia Department of Education Assessment & Accountability Department, the annual CCRPI reports, and internal system data to ensure accuracy, transparency, and accountability. The Plan's ultimate goal is to provide a vision for our educators that will ensure a quality education for each student.

  • Initiatives and Programs:

    The Golden Pencil: If elementary literacy and writing is the cornerstone of a quality education, our English/Language Arts teachers are leading the charge. Check out which teachers are using innovative classroom strategies to improve student writing in the lower grades with this monthly teacher recognition program. Click here to view this month's winners!