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    2201 Doncaster Way
    Grades K-5
    Principal: Yvette Simmons


  • Sherwood Acres


    School Colors: Green and White
    School Mascot: Panthers
    School Motto: "Where Success Begins"


    Sherwood Acres Elementary Magnet School will partner with home and community to empower students to achieve academic excellence and to become responsible, life-long learners and productive citizens. We will provide a challenging and diverse educational foundation through innovative teaching in a safe and nurturing environment. 

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About Sherwood Acres Elementary:



    • The education of the young child is the foundation for future learning
    • Good choices produce positive results
    • Students can be made aware of their inherent self-worth which is critical for life-long learning
    • Dignity and respect for self and others are important elements for success
    • Maintaining an aesthetically rich environment stimulates learning
    • Self-discipline fosters social development as well as emotional growth
    • A parent’s active involvement at home and school is crucial to a child’s education
    • Children need to experience success
    • Students have a responsibility to actively participate in the learning process
    • Self-motivation is important for change and growth
    • The school and community share responsibility for the emotional and physical safety of their children
    • Educators share in the responsibility for nurturing the development of skills to work cooperatively and productively within society
    • Teachers are professionals who merit respect and support


    Partners in Excellence:
    - Dunkin Donuts
    - Law Office of James Finkelstein
    - Boys and Girls Club of Albany
    - Domino's Pizza
    - First Freewill Baptist Church
    - Heritage Bank
    - McCall, Williams, Wilmont & Powell, LLC
    - Sherwood Baptist Church


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