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Monroe Wins Inaugural Employee Grill-Off

Grill Off Champions

The Golden Tornado employees of Monroe Comprehensive High School took home the crown for the first-ever Dougherty County School System Employee Grill-Off Friday. 

The event was part of the district's annual Back-to-School event, which, since being sidelined in 2020 due to COVID-19, has blossomed into a 2,500 person tailgate. 

Superintendent Kenneth Dyer added the Grill-Off component this year after some feedback from participants last year. 

Dyer was named honorary Grillmaster for the event. 

The tailgate grew out of an idea from district leadership centered on having an event that would boost morale heading into the new school year while giving employees an opportunity to re-connect after having weathered the COVID shutdowns and virtual learning that followed. Since that time, the event has grown and now features games, a DJ and, now, the grill off. 

The Employee Tailgate was voted as the best Company Gathering by readers of the Albany Herald in 2021. 

Additional Grill-Off awards went to: 

Grill-Off Champion for Best Chicken - Monroe Comprehensive High School

Grill-Off Champion for Best Chopped BBQ - Radium Springs Middle School

Grill-Off Champion for Best Ribs - Sherwood Acres Elementary School

Grill-Off Champion for Best Burger - Monroe Comprehensive High School

Grill-Off Champion for Best Side Dish - Merry Acres Middle School